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There are lots of internet places you can visit to learn more about George Lippard and his works.  You can now follow George and all announcements for the George Lippard Society on Twitter.  George also has a page on Facebook

Years ago I began a Lippard site on which I was going to re-serialize The Quaker City, with annotations.  That project fell by the wayside (although I've always intended to revisit it):

Frontpage of online QC

Lippard's Grave

More photos of Lippard's grave

My 2007 piece on Lippard for the Phila City Paper

The Library Company of Philadelphia's exhibition Philadelphia Gothic has lots of images and info about Lippard as well as a pdf guide for research:

Phila Gothic Lippard

Research Guide

The Literary Gothic has a page on Lippard with links.

The Wikipedia page on Lippard seems well-maintained.

From the Baltimore Society's Edgar Allan Poe site:

Poe's letter to Lippard

Emilio De Grazia, "Poe's Devoted Democrat, George Lippard,"from Poe Studies, vol. VI, no. 1, June 1973, pp. 6-8

Burton R. Pollin, " More on Lippard and Poe," from Poe Studies, vol. VII, no. 1, June 1974, pp. 22-23

Lippard's works online:

Christopher Looby has put online some of Lippard's early pieces from The Spirit of the Times and The Citizen Soldier newspapers: The Early Writings of George Lippard

The Quaker City or the Monks of Monk Hall at the Internet Archive (read online or download pdf)

The Life and Choice Writings of George Lippard(includes a bio by John Bell Bouton)

Internet Archive full list of Lippard's works available online (including, Blanche of Brandywine, Washington and his Generals, Washington and his Men, Legends of Mexico, The Nazarene, New York: its Upper Ten and Lower Million and The Mysteries of Florence)

Open Library has a list of Lippard's works, some of which you can read online. 

Google has many of his works digitized as well (including Paul Ardenheim, the Monk of Wissahikon).

If anyone else knows of any other Lippard resources on the internet, please let me know. 

Reader Comments (4)

Will be joining you in the George Lippard Literary Society and would now like to have your permission to link your links here to the Life/Times of George Lippard which I host at yahoogroups. One of the goals I have is to assess and promote all the life and works of George Lippard.
January 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRic Ben-Safed
Link away, Ric. Permission always granted to you.
January 7, 2011 | Registered CommenterEd Pettit
Hey Ed, I just discovered there is a George Lippard Literary Society at Yahoogroups. One is its writers and posters ( Me ) is re-reading and writing about "The Quaker City" as if its an anthology of Mystery Short Stories. I came to that conclusion while reading one, and suddenly realizing that these so called 'chapters' were originally 'serial short stories' in the Newspaper. Viola! Like Poe, George Lippard is better as a short story writer of Mysteries yet. Now I'm beginning to appreciate Lippard's writings and work. I guess he really did take Poe's friendly criticism to heart.
best to you,
Ric Ben-Safed

PS: Not really trying to promote a differnt list. But giving information for people who may want to go further with George Lippard. So--If any want too, they can contact the George_Lippard_Literary_society-owner@yahoogroups.com
January 26, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRic Ben-Safed

Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

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