Playing Barbies on Father's Day
Sunday, June 17, 2012 at 02:18PM
Ed Pettit in Barbie Mystery

What do my youngest daughters want to do on Father's Day?  Play with Barbies, of course.  But when Dad plays, the game changes a bit.  Here's our Father's Day Barbie Mystery.  Can you solve it?  Leave your solution and explanation in the comments section.  Or comment on Facebook here.   

 How Dad likes to play with Barbies

Boz and Shakes like their women tall. Very tall.This party is heating up!Poe crashes the party.

Oh no! Shakespeare drowns! Was it an accident?Sherlock Holmes and Dr Barbie arrive at the crime scene.Sherlock examines the corpse.Holmes and Barbie grill the suspects.Talk, Dickens! Tell us what you know.Liv Doll Sophie refuses to talk.Theresa says, "It was Poe! Poe murdered Shakespeare!"Poe is defiant. "You can't make me talk, Holmes. I invented guys like you."The suspects: Charles Dickens, Theresa, Edgar Allan Poe, and Liv Doll Sophie.So who drowned Shakespeare in the Barbie pool?  Leave your explanation to the mystery and an explanation in the comments below.  Or visit me on Facebook and leave your comments there.  In a few days, I'll post our solution.  

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