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2011 Goodis tribute

Molly Eichel has a piece in the Philadephia Daily News about our David Goodis commemoration.  We met at the gravesite this year, but it was so cold, we moved inside the mausoleum to do our readings.  Then we caravaned through Goodis sites in the city (birth hospital, school, homes).  Then we all met up at Greg Gillespie's great Port Richmond bookstore and capped off the day at Atlantis The Lost Bar (featuring Philadelphia Brewing Co on tap). 

It was great having new people join us on this excursion, like Andy Junkin, Newby Ely and especially the New York contingent (Jeff Wong, Margery Budoff, Cullen Gallagher, Eric Rice) Check out photos by the fantastic Elizabeth Amber-Love Delaney on facebook.  And Lou Boxer, our Goodis guru, has posted a bunch at the Noircon blog

Here's Duane Swierczynski and I toasting the Philadelphia Prince of Noir at the location of his boyhood home (Jameson in my flask and Johnny Walker Black in Swierczy's).  Until next year!


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