Wicked Philadelphia on the radio
Wednesday, June 30, 2010 at 12:54PM
Ed Pettit in Lippard

Tom Keels will be the guest on WHYY's Radio Times tomorrow morning (Thu July 1) at 11AM.  Keels' new book, Wicked Philadelphia: Sin in the City of Brotherly Love was just released a couple months ago and features a chapter on Singleton Mercer's murder of Mahlon Heberton, the case which inspired George Lippard to write The Quaker City

In January, Keels did a piece for WRTI radio about that murder and Lippard's novel, in which I was happy to participate.  You can listen to that show here (the Lippard part begins at the 14:30 mark).

And check out Radio Times tomorrow morning.

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