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Spring Cleaning

Finally getting back to my dear old blog, which has been in sore need of an update.  I didn't mean to be away for so long, but school and family often fill up my life. 

First, you'll notice that I've taken down "The Bibliothecary" from my banner and replaced it with my name (I know the design still sucks, but it'll have to do for now).  That's because I've also registered a new domain name: www.edwardpettit.com.  That should make my life easier in the future. 

Other new features on the sidebar: 

My Events, in which I'll be posting my appearances, lectures, etc

In Print (formerly My Book Reviews), featuring my published pieces, as well as book reviews

Philly Poe Events, listing all the Poe-centric events in the Philadelphia area

You can still find all the blogs from this site on the sidebar.  I haven't deleted anything from the past. 

Look for lots more content in the future, especially regarding my other favorite Philly author-- no, not Swierczynski-- George Lippard.

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