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Two Poes for the price of one

A good bookish weekend.  The Doppelganger Poes show went very well.  My friend, Jim Marko, attended and posted a shot on Twitter of me gazing at one of the Poes.  The play opens with two park rangers, Steve Medeiros and Eric Knight, and I discussing Edgar's reputation and his works (we all played ourselves).  We're trying to figure out his greatest work when suddenly, Edgar himself shows up: A convergence of time and opportunity has allowed me to walk around in material form – briefly, to help answer your question.  Then another Poe (this one younger without the now iconic moustache) appears and the two Poes argue and engage in a kind of recital showdown.   Paul Campbell played the yonger Poe and Helen McKenna-Uff, who also wrote the play, played the 40 year old version.  Highlights were Paul's recitation of "The Bells" and Helen's "Raven."  Near the end, the two Poes performed "Annabel Lee" as a duet.  We had a good crowd for the show in the very regal hall of the German Society (which is located right across the street from the Philly Poe House).  About half the audience was a school group (probably middle school aged).  Most of the girls sat on one side and were very attentive.  The boys on the other side behaved like boys, slouching almost to the floor, a few of them asleep, mortified that they had to spend a Sat afternoon listening to poetry.   But the show was good and I hope we get to do it again. 

If anyone else has any photos, send them along and I'll post them. 

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