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Poe doings

Haunted Poe opened last night and I couldn't have been more impressed.  Absolutely loved the show.  You work with people on a production and you never know how it will turn out.  This one is just about everything I wanted in a show.  The Philadelphia Inquirer has a preview of the production in today's paper with a great slideshow of images.  Kudos to all the performers and creators and tech staff who put this together.  If you're looking for some scares and some ineresting interpretations of Edgar Allan Poe's work, see this show.  And after the show, check out the text I supplied about Poe in Philly and Philadelphia Gothic. 

Down in Baltimore, they've finished with their viewing of Poe and now they're gearing up for the funeral procession and service on Sunday.  Ben Nuckols reports on Bmore Poe doings for the Associated Press and includes a quote from me at the very end of  the piece.  Prepare yourself because I actually say something nice about Baltimore and Poe.  Of course, I gave him lots of quotes about how Baltimore is undeserving  of Poe's Legacy and Philadelphia really deserves it, etc.  And what quote gets used: the make nice one.  However, I really have to say, the Poe funeral is one of the coolest Poe events ever, so I'll be making the trek on Sunday to see it.  After all, what better time to steal the body?

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