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Poe and Dickens

This Sunday I'll be at the Manayunk Arts Center in beautiful Philadelphia (the Athens of America) talking about Poe's Philadelphian legacy.  It's all part of a new art exhibit, "Dickens & Poe: Characters and Themes," featuring artwork inspired by the writers.  In addition to the artwork:

At the literary forum by MAC's Humanities Division, Herb Moskowitz will discuss the meeting of Dickens and Poe in Philadelphia, followed by a short puppet show. Edward Pettit, who recently wrote a leading article in the City Paper reclaiming Poe as a Philadelphian, will argue that Poe's finest work was inspired by the squalor,  political corruption, and violence he observed in Philadelphia. Pat Klimcho will read Poe's "The Raven" and "The Bells," and then his take off of the latter, "The Bills."  A representative of Philadelphia's Poe House will also speak. It is rumored that impersonators of characters from Dickens' novels, and of Poe himself, will be attending the event.

Should be a lot of fun.  The art opening is from Noon until 3 and the Literary Forum, of which I'll be part, runs from 3 until 5.  Hope to meet you there. 

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