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Poe news

More on Baltimore later today.  For now, some Poe news items. 

Peter Ackroyd's new bio, Poe: a Life Cut Short, comes out in the UK next week and in the States in March.  I haven't received a review copy yet, but I'm working on it.  Here's a review in the Guardian by Hilary Spurling:

Child of a couple of strolling players - very young, semi-destitute, both already incubating TB - the infant Edgar was farmed out first to grandparents and later to a nurse who dosed him and an infant sister with laudanum and gin. His 878004-1304023-thumbnail.jpg
Redfield as Poe
biographer traces Poe's fictional preoccupations - the black holes, windowless cells and narrow coffins, the shrouded or chained bodies interred alive in graves and jails - back even before birth to malnutrition in his mother's womb, where he must have known in fact 'the perils of a confined space, in which a victim lays panting'.

And Mark Redfield, whom I met at in Baltimore (and with whom I hope to have a follow-up interview
) has made a film of Poe's last days, The Death of Poe, and is soon to begin filming an adaptation of "The Tell-Tale Heart."  You can read about (and see photos of) this year's birthday festivities at his film's website (just scroll down).

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I didn't know Ackroyd was doing a book about Poe. Sure to be good!
January 30, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterStefanie

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