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Dead Poet's Society Day

At the Guardian, Ian McMillan reminds us that April 23rd is not only Shakespeare's death day.  Also dead on this day: Miguel de Cervantes (1616), William Wordsworth (1850), Henry Vaughan (1695) and Rupert Brooke (1915). 

Although Cervantes died on the same date as Shakes, Apr 23, 1616, they died ten days apart because England had not yet switched to the Gregorian calendar.  Brits were still using the old Julian calendar (Protestant Heretics!).  A couple years ago, a movie was made, "Miguel y William," about a supposed encounter between the two poets (and their love for the same woman).  The appropriately named Will Kemp starred as Shakes.  I don't think it's ever been released in America, nor have I been able to find a DVD.  But you can watch the trailer at the film's website.

And here's a little Wordsworth link for today: an intern at the Wordsworth Trust, Emily Hasler, has been blogging about her experience all year at A Grasmere Journal.

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