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BSRB No. 11: Double Shots

In today's Bibliothecary Sunday Review of Books you'll find a double shot of GMH, a double shot of RLS, and two from Weinman, as well as Seuss, Byron and a Wolkow.  Enjoy!

Two reviews of Paul Mariani's new biography of Gerard Manley Hopkins, one by Blake Bailey and another by Nick Owchar.

Sarah Weinman profiles Patricia Cornwell and adds some extras to the piece on her blog.

Michael Dirda writes about two Robert Louis Stevenson books you may not be familiar with, New Arabian Nights, vol 1 and The Wrong Box.

James Campbell reveals the beast within RLS' Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. What a great day: TWO pieces on RLS!

Erik Himmelsbach on a Dr Seuss book, The Lorax, that I've never really liked (too didactic = no fun), but my kids have always loved. 

Jay Parini reviews Benjamin Markovits' A Quiet Adjustment about the poet Lord Byron.

Richard Rayner on "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," the Kafkaesque story by F Scott Fitzgerald that is now a movie.

Rosie Blau on Brick Lit by Mark Crick, a home improvement book written int he style of various classic authors.

The London Times publishes a newly discovered whodunnit, "The Empty Chair," written by an "undisputed great of British literature" and turns it into a whowritit, but not revealing the author.  My first impression was PG Wodehouse.

And finally, my good buddy Daniel Wolkow, a great professor, writer and theatre director was profiled in the Roswell Daily Record. 

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