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Christopher Darlington Morley

Three, count 'em three, Christopher Morley mentions on the web in the last week:

In Mobile, Alabama, John Sledge profiles the great American writer who has had a bookstore named after his novel, The Haunted Bookshop.

And Morley's first novel, Parnassus on Wheels, has inspired "Ezra the Bookfinder" (be sure to click on the photo atop the story) to roam the roads of Oregon selling books. This country needs more mobile bookstores.

And Scott Monty, who has recently begun posting again on his excellent Baker Street Blog, writes about Morley along with links to his appearances on an old radio program, Information Please. I'm looking forward to listening to these as I've never heard Morley's voice.

Some more Morley links for your enjoyment:

BooksDavid Terry's cover for the Common Reader edition

Morley books on Project Gutenberg, including my favorite, his Shandygaff essays.

Chimneysmoke (poems)

Sites about Morley

Michael Gilleland has put some of Morley's essays online.

The Morley Family Papers at Haverford College Libraries, which has a "Morley Alcove" in its Magill Library.

The Robert E Bason Collection of Christopher Morley at UC Santa Barbara.

The Christopher Morley Knothole Association at Bryant Park in New York.  The Knothole was the little shed behind Morley's home where he wrote.  It has been restored and moved to the park as a memorial. 

Morley, a man who knew how to drink, provided this drink recipe for So Red the Nose:

Swiss Family Manhattan Cocktail
2/3 Rye Whisky
1/3 Italian Vermouth
1 Dash Absinthe
Stir and Serve Excessively Cold

Whiskey, vermouth AND absinthe.  Now that's a serious drink!

And boy, would I love to have the Morley's The Book Detektive Kit. You can see more photos here.

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