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BSRB No 7: Drink up!

The Bibliothecary Sunday Review of Books brings you an afternoon of fine book reviews for your reading pleasure: unnecessary translations, decadent rock gods, Little Nell and drunken episodes.  Drink up!

Thank you, Alexander Theroux, for your review of Burton Raffel's new dumbed-down "translation" of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

For all of you like me who avidly read Stephen Davis' Hammer of the Gods as teenagers, Robert Sandall reviews When Giants Walked the Earth by Mick Wall, a new rockbio of Led Zep.

Peter Ackroyd plunges into the Sick City: 2,000 Years of Life and Death in London by Richard Barnett.

Joe Queenan writes about book reviews that are "unjustifiably enthusiastic."

AS Byatt rereads Dickens' Little Dorrit, which is being dramatized anew on the BBC.

Nicholas Lezard reviews a new edition of Boccaccio's Decameron.

David Orr waxes poetic over Ted Hughes' letters.

Bel Mooney on Dennis O'Driscoll's Heaney interviews, Stepping Stones.

David Flusfeder reviews yet another biography of Arthur Conan Doyle (like Shakespeare, there are never too many Doyle bios).

And speaking of new Shakesbios, here's Richard Eyre on Jonathan Bate's new one, Soul of an Age.

Daniel Mark Epstein writes about the American Bard, Walt Whitman and his brothers in Robert Roper's Now the Drums of War.

Maureen Corrigan includes Dave Zeltserman's Small Crimes in her noir roundup.  I'm hoping to get to Zeltserman's new one soon, as well.

Steven Rea on a book that looks fascinating, The Oxford Project by Stephen G. Bloom and Peter Feldstein.

And lastly today, the Guardian rounds up ten of the best drunken moments in literature.  Prosit!

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